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7 tips for better Cutting Room Productivity

With the help of automation, the cutting room has become one of the most advanced departments in an apparel manufacturing facility. Here, out of the total material cost, the fabric cost represents 50% to 70% of the total production cost. Since reducing this fabric cost is not something under the control of manufacturers, reducing the […]

Using Small Markers to boost Fabric Utilisation

For using the fabric end-bits effectively inside the cutting room of a garment factory, the factory marker plan should have a mix of longer marker and short marker. Here the small markers are used for utilising the end bits from the large markers. Learn with appropriate examples how can you improve end-bit utilisation using small […]

NICE Group (Thailand) improves efficiency and customer satisfaction through faster and more accurate planning

The Customer Nice Group Holding Corp., is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of sportswear and has been Thailand’s largest apparel exporter for the past 10 years. They are a key strategic supplier to both Nike and Adidas, producing 62 million pieces with around 16,000 employees, in 8 state of the art production locations in […]

Understanding PMTS in the Garment Industry

The readymade garment industry is highly labour-intensive. Hence, labor cost per hour is an important factor in this sector to remain competitive. We can safely consider labor costs as one of the highest cost factors in the readymade garment industry. Assembly line production system has made it important that work done by each production worker […]

5 Fabric Tracking Problems Automation Can Solve

Introduction The cutting room is an extremely important section of a garment factory and has a huge impact on the profitability of the business. The main processes taking place inside a cutting room involve marker planning, fabric spreading, fabric cutting and preparation of cut panels for the assembly process (sewing). To organize an efficient working […]

IntelloCut helps Song Hong Group (Vietnam) to reduce 60% of fabric planning time on the cutting floor.

THE CUSTOMER Song Hong Garment Joint Stock Company is one of the leading garments and bedding manufacturers in Vietnam and has more than 20 workshops built and managed in the province of Nam Dinh. The management is Vietnamese, combining recruiting top international experts who have become trusted partners of many famous fashion brands around the […]

Confecciones del Valle completes GSDCost Training (Phase – 1)

Confecciones del Valle has concluded Phase 1 of its GSDCost practitioner training at its facility. This training process has enabled Confecciones del Valle to appreciate the value of standardizing movement in the factory. Confecciones del Valle trained all the company’s new trainees, under the leadership of Herberth Menjivar. Their training went on from September 9th […]

Internet of things and why it matters to the apparel industry ?

The power balance has shifted in the retail sector globally. The power lies in the hands of the buyer rather than the seller now. Consumers dictate when, what, how and where they wish to shop. This is undeniably a threat to the traditional brick-and-mortar retail model. But, this shift offers tremendous opportunities to the forward-thinking […]

Coats launches Coats Digital

17 September 2019: Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread company, is launching Coats Digital. The integrated technology business brings together all its software solutions under a new single brand which describes and aligns with the offering to its customers across the apparel and footwear industries. Coats Digital provides in-depth industry expertise combined with the practical […]