We’re delighted to confirm the exciting news that Fast React Systems has agreed to be acquired by Coats. Coats is the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer serving the apparel and footwear industries. It operates across six continents, at some 50 sites and has a sales presence in over 100 countries. It is a key supplier to the world’s leading apparel and footwear brands.

Fast React Systems, with its specialist fashion e-PLM and manufacturing planning software solutions, will join GSD as part of Coats Global Services (a dedicated consultancy and added value business, working specifically to help customers improve speed to market and productivity in the fashion supply chain). As part of the CGS team, we will be working actively to expand the scope and reach of the total solution offering, continuing to move our technology forward and growing the level of integration available to customers.

Most significantly, this exciting development means that Fast React Systems will benefit from the scale, strength and investment of Coats. It ensures greater security of our forward development strategy and investment to support our customers in the future.

We will continue to operate under the Fast React Systems brand name from our head office in Derby and other world-wide offices. Where we are already engaged with businesses, points of contact will remain the same.

Paul Forman, Group Chief Executive, Coats, said: “This is an excellent fit with Coats Global Services. We are seeing a growth in demand from our customers for value added services in operational efficiency so there is a strong synergy between Fast React Systems’ products and the CGS offering. We share a footprint of both existing and target customers and together, we can provide an even wider and more attractive product portfolio.”

Andrew Brown, Group Managing Director, Fast React Systems, said: “This is a huge opportunity for our products, customers and employees. The combination of our technical expertise with the global reach and also the customer and brand relationships of Coats marks the start of an exciting new phase in our development.”