GSDCost is the only globally acknowledged Global Time-Cost Manufacturing Standard for the sewn product industries.

GSDCost is designed to help fashion brands and manufacturers establish and optimise ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’, using standard motion codes and predetermined times. It establishes a common language between fashion brands and manufacturers for discussions on cost, time, capacity, and compliance.

GSDCost’s scientific approach helps in standardising every step of an operation to reach optimal costing and achieve a high level of manufacturing excellence.

Establishing an accurate and consistent predetermined time for fashion manufacturing, GSDCost grows with your business and processes to establish data at operation, product feature, and style levels.

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“We chose GSD (now GSDCost) as a partner as they are recognised as the global standard for time and cost in the apparel industry. We were confident that their experience and proven solution would provide a strong foundation for our company to optimise costs and improve our productivity “

Shajedar Rahman (Mithu), COO at Epyllion (Bangladesh)

GSDCost Benefits

Accurate Costing

Eliminates subjectivity in costing calculations with global standard SMVs and establish ’trusted supplier’ status

Fewer Defects

Delivers efficiency improvements and consistent quality by standardising construction methods

On-Time Delivery

Improves efficiency and on-time delivery performance by supporting accurate ‘minutes based’ production planning

Benchmark Worker Performance

Helps improve production line efficiency by matching quantified performances with the operation breakdown

Improve Worker Performance

Helps set realistic and achievable production targets to motivate production workers to further improve efficiency

Productivity Improvement

Delivers productivity improvements to increase output by removing waste in the method, without increasing resources

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