IntelloCut is designed to give control over fabric usage in the cutting room. It optimises the processes of cutplan, lay plan and allocation, end bit usage and management, tracking, and reporting. intelloCut generates real-time optimised plans based on cutting floor feedback.

IntelloCut’s automated, closed-loop approach to fabric planning reduces the amount of effort and time spent on re-planning and at the same time maximises fabric utilisation.

Backed by artificial intelligence, intelloCut is suitable for fashion manufacturers of all of all types and sizes, which learns and advances with your cutting floor. All this to deliver an effortless approach to fabric utilisation.

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“We use fabric from all over the world and it’s a huge cost for us. Before our association with ThreadSol (now within Coats Digital), we use to do a lot of excel and back-of- the-envelope calculations to get into fabric orders and consumptions, and we saw an opportunity to save fabric. I’d confidently say we’re saving efficiently and reducing wastage with intelloCut”

Nitin Mohan, Director, Blackberrys

IntelloCut Features

Planning Automation

Plans smartly with AI-assisted cutplan, taking care of complex styles while also balancing the on-floor spreading

Execution Automation

Controls key processes, such as the generation of lay plan, through system and tablet application, avoiding information delay and manual paper-based hassles

Warning Signals

Re-plans in one-click using the end bit plan feature with feedback from the cutting floor

Reduced errors

Eliminates human error through tablet-based recording of cutting data

Real-Time Visibility

Tracks fabric usage/ wastage with the BOM vs actual reporting, amongst other reports

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Provides a KPI driven dashboard for easier visibility & filtration as per customer/ product to give actionable intelligence

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