Brand Suite by Coats Digital helps fashion brands and retailers efficiently control, streamline and accelerate the entire new product development, sourcing, costing, vendor capacity planning, and order execution lifecycle. Our solutions are proven to increase the speed and efficiency of key internal processes and supplier collaboration, providing all supply chain partners with fast access, to fact-based information and the foundations for a sustainable and optimised supply chain.

Proven solutions

An intuitive product life cycle management (PLM) solution for fast, efficient product development and collaboration

From design to delivery, VisionPLM goes beyond conventional PLM systems, offering core PLM and best-in-class sourcing functionality. VisionPLM streamlines and integrates key business processes, from design, material and product development, to supplier capacity management and purchase order tracking. This results in significant improvements in visibility, coordination, and control across the business and with supply chain partners.

Ultimately, VisionPLM increases the speed and efficiency of design, product development, sourcing and collaboration which is so critical to maximising sales and margin. A modular solution, which integrates seamlessly with other business systems and is suitable for businesses of all types and sizes, VisionPLM is quick to deliver and easy to scale, meaning the solution can grow and evolve with your business.

The international standard for time-cost benchmarking of sewn products for optimised, sustainable garment costing and supply chain excellence

GSDCost helps brands and sourcing companies to establish and optimise ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’ for all sewn products, using standard motion codes and predetermined times. It is used at an early stage in the product development cycle, enabling design and cost variations to be assembled and assessed, establishing the optimum price/ performance balance as part of a cost and value comparison.

Product development teams can explore ‘what-if’ scenarios with various product components to reduce the associated manufacturing costs and achieve a lower ‘in store’ price point. Costing teams can establish a technology and methodology policy for costing to eliminate subjectivity and guesswork. Brand ME teams can drive method improvements to mitigate rising labour costs and maintain ‘best practice’ consistency across different factories.

Establishing a global time and cost brand and supply chain standard, GSDCost grows with your business and processes to establish a strategic and sustainable supply chain.

A scientific cost benchmarking and negotiation platform for fact-based optimised and sustainable costing

Intello3C supports brands, retailers, and sourcing companies in working quickly and efficiently with their supply chain partners to scientifically optimise and benchmark garment costs, for complete cost control.

Intello3c harnesses the power of Big Data, Agile Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence to transform and track the entire RFQ, costing, and benchmarking processes through to the issue of PO. It replaces manual processes and disconnected systems, with an integrated, intelligent and scientific solution, delivering fast, optimised and sustainable costs.

Intello3C’s scientific approach to benchmark granular costs eliminates expensive negotiation cycles while the AI-based negotiation completely automates the process between brands and manufacturers. Intello3C puts an end to torturous email trails and excel-based iterations of costing.

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