Manufacturer Suite by Coats Digital offers best in class manufacturing solutions that are globally recognised as essential tools for sustainable, optimised supply, allowing manufacturers to respond quickly, efficiently and sustainably to buyer demands. Our solutions are proven to transform the manufacturing value chain from design and development, through costing, to fabric buying, planning and order execution.

Proven solutions

An intuitive product life cycle management (PLM) solution for fast, efficient product development and collaboration

VisionPLM is a flexible, browser-based solution that streamlines and integrates the key pre-production processes required for a style to be fully approved and production ready. Supporting both ODM and OEM manufacturers, and configured to reflect industry best practice, VisionPLM provides ‘one version of the truth’: from design, material and product development (including tech packs), to sampling, approvals, costing and PO tracking.

VisionPLM improves visibility, coordination, and control across the business and with supply chain partners (suppliers and buyers), ultimately increasing the speed and efficiency with which manufacturers can develop and produce new styles.

A fact-based solution to establish and optimise accurate time & cost benchmarks for garment costing and manufacturing excellence

GSDCost is designed to help fashion brands and manufacturers establish and optimise ‘International Standard Time Benchmarks’, using standard motion codes and predetermined times. It establishes a common language between fashion brands and manufacturers for discussions on cost, time, capacity, and compliance.

GSDCost’s scientific approach helps in standardising every step of an operation to reach optimal costing and achieve a high level of manufacturing excellence.

Establishing an accurate and consistent predetermined time for fashion manufacturing, GSDCost grows with your business and processes to establish data at operation, product feature, and style levels.

A data-driven fabric buying solution for accurate fabric consumption

IntelloBuy is designed to help optimise fabric cost at the fabric estimation stage itself. It aids manufacturers in buying the most accurate amount of fabric for their orders, thus, reducing fabric cost.

IntelloBuy uses advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics to solve the problems of complex new styles (fast fashion), shrinking lead time, and manual tools. It also solves the restrictions in accurate fabric booking due to incomplete information.

An advanced approach to fabric buying, intelloBuy looks-up the best fabric buying consumption from historical booking data to avoid any dead stock or short shipment, saving fabric cost at the fabric estimation stage.

A dynamic, highly visual production planning and control tool to optimise delivery, efficiency, and lead time

FastreactPlan is a dynamic planning and control tool which brings together capacity, critical path, and materials into a single, integrated system. The highly visual and flexible ‘drag and drop’ approach to planning allows effective master planning across multiple factories, as well as the detailed and accurate scheduling of manufacturing lines/ machines. Critical pre-production activities (e.g. samples and approvals), and material requirements are dynamically-driven in a LEAN pull system based on the latest plan, which supports the reduction of inventory and lead time.

FastReactPlan is typically interfaced with other business systems (e.g. ERP, PLM, inventory & shop floor). Sharing key data reduces data entry workload, improves accuracy and speeds up the planning process and response times. Developed specifically for fashion manufacturers of all sizes, FastReactPlan is quick to implement, configured to reflect industry best-practices and specific business requirements. It is proven to deliver significant and measurable improvements in speed, flexibility, and efficiency.

A real-time fabric planning solution for optimised fabric utilisation

IntelloCut is designed to give control over fabric usage in the cutting room. It optimises the processes of cutplan, lay plan and allocation, end bit usage and management, tracking, and reporting. intelloCut generates real-time optimised plans based on cutting floor feedback.

IntelloCut’s automated, closed-loop approach to fabric planning reduces the amount of effort and time spent on re-planning and at the same time maximises fabric utilisation.

Backed by artificial intelligence, intelloCut is suitable for fashion manufacturers of all types and sizes, which learns and advances with your cutting floor. All this to deliver an effortless approach to fabric utilisation.

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