IntelloCut helps Song Hong Group (Vietnam) to reduce 60% of fabric planning time on the cutting floor.


Song Hong Garment Joint Stock Company is one of the leading garments and bedding manufacturers in Vietnam and has more than 20 workshops built and managed in the province of Nam Dinh. The management is Vietnamese, combining recruiting top international experts who have become trusted partners of many famous fashion brands around the world.

Process Improvements

Process 1: Automation

Challenge – The diligent team at Song Hong wanted to adopt the latest technology that could tackle material management problems in their factory and help them in saving manual effort and time.

Solution – IntelloCut records and reconciles all the fabric data. At Song Hong, intelloCut automated the process of making manual layslips and lay plan reports through its auto-generated reports saving time and effort of the Song Hong team.

Process 2: End bit utilisation

Challenge – Accountability of end-bits and correct usage is difficult to collate manually especially when there are multiple orders running on the floor.

Solution – Through intelloCut, the system automatically plans the generated end bits and with the end-bit management process setup done during the implementation, it gets easier for the factory to utilise end-bits and improve their fabric utilisation.

Process 3: Wastage tracking and identification

Challenge – In order to achieve better utilisation of fabric, wastage tracking becomes an important factor. The factory needed to have better knowledge and impact of avoidable wastage.

Solution – IntelloCut accounts all the wastages on the cutting floor and reconciles the data in the reports that can be generated product-wise, customer-wise, style-wise for any desired date range giving the management complete visibility and tracking of wastage. The implementation team has set up on the floor process to keep a control check on avoidable and non-avoidable wastages.

Process 4: Live consumption visibility

Challenge – Production pressure and daily workload makes it gets difficult to follow the Manual reporting structure in order to track down Consumptions – Order Wise / Lay Wise.

Solution – With live data feedback mechanism of intelloCut, all the reports are automatically updated after every lay completion, giving the management visibility of running consumption which further helps in taking accurate decisions to handle advance on floor planning and execution.

“IntelloCut helped us decreasing 60% of time required for making cut-plan. Besides, it pointed out the difference between the Production Consumption and Achieved Consumption, which provided us a picture for consumption adjustment for the next orders respectively. IntelloCut also provided timely reports – helped the factory teams with tracking the actual received fabric along with total fabric used. Thanks to intelloCut team for bringing to us such good solution with prompt support.”

– Nguyen Viet Quynh, IE Manager

Process 5: Buying trend visibility

Challenge – The management wanted to see the clear metric between the booking consumption and on-floor consumption to identify the scope of cost reduction.

Solution With intelloCut, the management gets clear visibility on the defined KPIs such as booking and actual consumption gap on a weekly basis. This trend is visible in system-generated Buying Summary and KPI Reports. Across three factories of Song Hong running intelloCut since 1 year have observed a gap of 1% from their booking to actual consumption.

Return on Investment 

“We believe intelloCut is the best solution to manage all cutting processes from manually to automatically and systematically, which helps our factories to save more fabrics, reduce operation lead-time and improve both material management and worker’s working conditions.”


– Quang Bui Viet, C.E.O Song Hong